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Why You Should Focus Your Efforts on Video Marketing in 2017


Why You Should Focus Your Efforts on Video Marketing in 2017

The evidence for video marketing’s strength in the coming year is more compelling than ever:

  1. By 2017, Online Video will account for all 74% of all web Traffic
  2. More Video Content is uploaded to the web in ONE single month, than TV has created in 3 Decades
  3. 56% of Video viewers watch more than ¾ of a Video
  4. 33% of Tablet owners watch about an hour of Video on their devices every day
  5. 28% of Smartphones users watch a Video on their devises at least once a day
  6. 78% of people watch Video Online every Week
  7. 55% of people watch Videos Online every Day
  8. 500 Million People are watching Facebook Videos everyday
  9. 85% of Facebook Videos is watched without Sound
  10. Snapchatters watch 10 Billion Videos a Day
  11. 82% Twitter users watch Video Content on Twitter
  12. 75% of Business Executives watch work – related Videos at least weekly
  13. 59% of Senior Executives agree that if both Text and Video are available on the same topic on the same page, they prefer to watch the Video
  14. 54% of Senior Executives share work related Videos with colleagues at least weekly
  15. 69% of Marketing, Sales and Business Professionals have used Video Marketing and another 31% are planning to
  16. A massive 81% of people feature their Video on their Brand website
  17. 93% of Marketers use Video for: Online Marketing, Sales, and Communication
  18. 96% of B2B Companies are planning to use Video in their content Marketing over the next year
  19. 52% of Marketers that believes that Video Marketing is effective for:
    – 52% “Brand Awareness”
    – 45% “Lead Generation”
    – 42% “Online Engagement”
  20. 67% Found Video Marketing somewhat successful
  21. 18% Video Marketing Very Successful


  1. Using the word “Video” in an email subject line boosts open rates by 19%
  2. 65% Increases Click Through Rates by 65%
  3. And reduces Unsubscribes by 26%
  4. When marketers included a Video in their email, the Click Through Rate Increased by 200 – 300%
  5. +2 Min – Sites which include Video have on average an extra two minutes dwell time compare to sites which don’t

52% of Marketing Professionals Worldwide name Video as the type of Content with best ROI




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